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Jonathan Harris was born and raised in Los Angeles and lives part-time in New York City. His career as a successful fashion industry executive has proven seminal for his creativity in both the business and art worlds. His keen eye permeates his design sensibility in all areas of his life; in his career, designing his homes, and in his paintings. While a student at the University of California Santa Barbara, Harris took a sculpture class with renowned minimalist artist, John McCraken. The experience further honed Harris’s artistic eye and continues to influence his creative viewpoint and painting today.


Harris’ paintings are deeply informed by his meditation practice and spiritual growth. His work is infused with light. Through the layers of paint on his canvases, the history of his marks remain visible, exposing depth and a patina that emerges over time. Harris views painting very much like life. In the process, something unexpected emerges. The path is mysterious, like the process of growth, revealing a beauty that invites the viewer to engage all their senses. 

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